Wall Molding On My Mind +

7 Mockups



I'm slowly making progress on the living room. But I've been stumped on what to do with our back living room wall. I added a couple pieces of wall art I had as placeholders. But the size of the wall (over 17 feet wide and 9 feet tall) makes it challenging to add pieces that are the appropriate scale. I've also been craving simplicity: something visually interesting but not overwhelming.


I was browsing Instagram and came across this photo. If you look past the stunning exterior and zoom into the home, you'll see wall molding. It adds interest but doesn't overwhelm the space. And that's the feel I'm looking for!

Design Credit: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design | Photo Credit: Aaron Leitz

Wall Molding Mockups

I made simple mockups of seven different styles of wall molding I'm considering. They vary based on size and number of molding panels. Nothing would bring me greater joy than nailing and caulking molding onto the walls of my home. But I don't think I can get away with that in this rental. So I'll have to brainstorm non-permanent ways to get this project done.

I think I have my favorite. What's yours? Check out my reel on Instagram and tell me which one you like!

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