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I’ve had the Ikea Finnala sectional for about four months. Here’s my honest review!

What I Was Looking For

When we moved to our new rental, I knew I wanted to purchase a new, bigger sectional sofa. (See all of my living room plans HERE.) I’ve had Ikea's Karlstad sectional for over 7 years, and it’s still going strong in another part of our home. Although I considered sectionals from other retailers (this one from Crate & Barrel was a close second), the Finnala 4-Seat Corner Sectional came out on top for a few reasons.

Photo Credit: IKEA

✔️ Color - I wanted a creamy white sectional.

✔️ Modular - I wanted a sectional that was easy to move as well as one that could expand with additional pieces or scale down if needed.

✔️ Easy to Clean - I wanted cushion covers that were removable and washable since I opted for a light color.

✔️ Return flexibility - I didn’t want to feel forced to keep a sofa that I didn’t like just because I spent a decent chunk of money on it.

✔️ Availability - Furniture lead times were (and still are) insane. I wanted a sectional in stock and ready for delivery within a couple of weeks, not a few months.

Order and Delivery

After stalking the model in-store for months, I ordered the Finnala online, and it was delivered to our home six days later. The $75 delivery fee was 100% worth it after seeing all 20 pieces get carried up a flight of stairs.

Although the picture may look intimidating, there were really only 5 large boxes: 2 loveseat frames, 1 corner frame, and 2 armrests. The rest of the pieces were cushions and cushion covers. Since there were so many items, I made a checklist and crossed off each piece as I received it to keep things organized.


Assembling the Finnala was pretty straightforward. If you’re accustomed to assembling more complex furniture pieces, you shouldn’t have any issues. Just stay organized, take your time, and follow the directions! I did the vast majority of the assembly by myself and only called for help to attach the heavy 2-piece loveseats to the corner section.

Unfortunately, the back cushions gave me some trouble. These cushions come compressed in a vacuum-sealed bag, and they’re supposed to regain their shape after 72 hours. Well, they weren’t looking so fluffy after 3 days.

We ended up purchasing another set of back cushions and had mostly the same result. A few regained their shape perfectly, and the rest didn't. We returned the worst-looking ones back to the store, and luckily Ikea gave us a refund for the ones we kept that didn't take their proper shape. Ultimately, this ended up being a non-issue since I don’t really notice a difference between the perfectly-formed cushion and the others.

Wear and Tear Four Months Later

The seat cushions were firm for the first couple of weeks but have now relaxed nicely. The seats aren’t as deep as I initially wanted, but the sectional is comfortable for lounging. I've even slept on it for a few nights while sick, and I was pretty cozy.

Gunnared Beige is the exact color I wanted. The color is a bit of a chameleon when paired with other large pieces (e.g., rugs, walls) that are more warm or cool. But I would describe the color as cream with a light gray undertone. I haven’t had to wash the covers yet, but we’ve already spilled food on it. Clean up has been easy. I’ve had luck removing stains with a paper towel soaked in diluted dish soap. For more routine maintenance, I vacuum the cushions and rotate them (when I remember).

What I love about Ikea’s furniture is that you get to see exactly what you paid for. Key pieces of the sectional frame are solid wood, and the seat cushions have pocket springs and sturdy foam. You’ll find this type of construction in plenty of sofas that are much more expensive. Definitely research the materials and construction of any furniture piece you’re buying (instead of using brand name, popularity, or price as a proxy for quality) and decide what’s worth it to you.

Overall, I've been very happy with our Finnala sectional. Based on my experience with our previous Ikea sectional, I'm hopeful that it’ll last many years!

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