Slow Designing Our Bedroom



Designing our bedroom has been a challenge, mainly because I don’t have a clear vision for the space. So I’m going to slow design our bedroom - taking my time, one piece at a time, to curate the perfect retreat.

Bedroom - Inspiration

Photo: Sierra Ann Photography | Design: The Lifestyled Co

Photo and Design: Chris Loves Julia

Lately I’ve been attracted to bedrooms on opposite sides of the spectrum. I love light, minimal bedrooms that carry different tones of cream and gray throughout the space. They remind me of my favorite hotels. But I'm also drawn to moody bedrooms that feel dramatic. See why I’m confused? 😅

Bedroom Progress

Here's a peak at the current state of our bedroom.

What's New

King Bed

We replaced our queen bed for a king and chose this bed for its clean lines and neutral color. I love the look of bright, fluffy hotel bedding. I’m going for a more lived-in look, so I paired this linen-blend duvet cover with the warmest, fluffiest duvet insert I could find.

Wall Sconces

These wall sconces from West Elm are like jewelry for our bedroom. They’re a beautiful brass color and offer plenty of light since each one uses two bulbs. They’re perfect for renters like me since no hard-wiring is required. And the best part is that the plug-in cord is concealed within the body of the sconce. (OK the extra-best part is that I snagged them at a huge discount at the West Elm outlet!)

What's Old

Nightstands, Mirror, Dresser

I love the contrast of our dark wood nightstands. The rattan drawer inset mirrors the rattan frame of our mirror (ha!). Our dresser from CB2 gives us plenty of storage. I’m not in love with the wood tone, but I’ll keep it as-is for now.

What's Left

Here’s the checklist I’ll be working from as I slowly design this space.

We have just enough room for a bench between the dresser and bed, so I’d love to add one at the end of the bed. I’m also thinking about adding curtains to the window. They’re not essential, but curtains add softness and texture to a space. I’m keeping decor to a minimum. I already have frames above the bed. I’ll also add some greenery. Finally, I want to replace our rug with one that’s more simple.

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