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MAY 31, 2022 | BY BRITTANY


Hi, I'm Brittany! Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I blog about all things home. I've had a passion for making homes beautiful for over a decade. So I am finally doing something about it. Through this blog, I will document and share the evolution of my home with you.

My Design Style.

My design style is organic modern with an industrial edge. I gravitate toward clean lines, moody accents, and minimal spaces. My favorite colors are shades of white, black, gray, brown, blue, and green - basically what you see in nature.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt | Design: Bobby Berk

Photo: Tessa Neustadt | Design: Bobby Berk

Creating good looking spaces can get expensive. While it would be nice to spend $15,000 on my living room, I can't seem to break free from my frugal approach to spending. So I love taking high-end design inspirations and applying them in a real-world, budget-friendly way.

Our South Florida apartment.

My husband and I currently rent a townhome in the Atlanta area. But we've lived in all sorts of spaces in the US and abroad. You could have spotted us in a 480 sq. ft. high-rise studio apartment in the city, a 2300 sq. ft. three-story townhome in the suburbs, and lots of places in between. But all of them have been home. Because home is wherever my family is together.

Our home won't be perfect. (Whose is?) And it will never be finished. (I'm always changing something!) But we're not waiting until we find our dream house or even buy a house. I'm starting right where we are, today, to build a home and life that we love.

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