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18 Of The Best-Looking Ones



Large-scale plants and trees are the easiest way to bring life and energy to a space. While real greenery would be ideal, not everyone has a green thumb or an environment where live plants and trees can thrive.

Faux trees have come a long way since the plastic-looking ones of the past. Nowadays, the better faux trees vary in colors and textures, have great volume, and even come with good-looking planters. You’ll probably still come across some duds while shopping, so here are a few tips to keep in mind to get the best faux tree for your space and budget.

I collected the best faux trees I could find at two different price points: below $200 and above $200. I also included the dimensions (height and width when available) so that you can see what you’re getting for your money.

Faux Trees Under $200

1. Ficus Tree | 2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | 3. Bird of Paradise | 4. Fiddle Tree | 5. Triangle Ficus Tree | 6. Magnolia Tree | 7. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | 8. Eucalyptus Tree | 9. Gypsophila Leaf Tree

Despite the lower price point, you can find some good-looking trees if you do some digging! I’ve been eyeing #1 and #5 since they were released. #6 is coming home with me one day. I love the whimsy of #8 and #9, but note that #9 is a short one! It definitely needs to be propped up in a separate planter.

Faux Trees Over $200

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | 2. Banana Tree | 3. Rubber Tree | 4. Bird of Paradise | 5. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | 6. Olive Tree | 7. Green Leaf Tree | 8. Triangular Ficus | 9. Bird of Paradise

At the $200+ level, you really start to see what your money gets you. Faux trees at this price point are more varied and usually start at 6-7 feet tall. I own and love #6 (pictured in the starting image on this post). #8 is really pretty and currently on sale. #9 is huge at almost 8 feet tall!

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