Brass Plug-In (and Renter-Friendly) Wall Sconces



I've been on the hunt for wall sconces to add in between each window in my living room. Since I'm renting, hardwire lights are not an option. But there are SO many good plug-in ones out there! I'm gravitating toward brass fixtures, so here's a roundup of my nine favorite brass plug-in wall sconces. If you're on a budget, the majority are under $100 each. And if you see two sconces in an image, they come in a set of two!

Brass Plug-In Wall Sconces

1 / I love the brass paired with the white shade and black shade rim. $129.99 (link).

2 / Although two of these are already in my bedroom, they would look great in the living room. $249.00 (link).

3 / This one comes with a cover to conceal the cord. $139.99 (link).

4 / I love this one for more moody lighting. $59.99 (link).

5 / Classic shape and color. Bonus - they're among the most affordable in the bunch. $89.99 (link).

6 / I bet this one would give great uplighting. $89.00 (link).

7 / The textured linen shade softens this sconce. $125.00 (link).

8 / Another really good all-brass option. $70.00 (link).

9 / The arched shape on this one is really fun. $149.00 (link).

As for which ones I'll choose, I'm torn (as usual!) between #1, #3, and #9. Which ones do you think I should get?

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