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As the holiday season approaches, I've been pulling together spaces that are going to see some heavy action. The dining room is one of them! Here is how it looks today and the future plans I have for this space.

Dining Room Core Pieces

We really aren't dining room eaters. We typically eat dinner in the living room while watching a good show. So when I was thinking about this space, I wanted it to feel like an inviting, casual, lounge-ish area instead of a traditional dining room. The goal was to have this room flex has a dining space, an entertaining space, an alternative office space, and a quiet reading/chilling space. Basically, it needed to do all the things.

I've always been a fan of round dining tables because I hate the idea of a "head" of a table reserved for one special person. (Why can't we all sit anywhere we'd like?) My original goal was to find a 60" round table to fit six chairs. But finding a round table that large and within the price I wanted to spend was impossible! So I opted for this oval table instead. At 70" long and 43" wide, it fits six chairs perfectly and fills the rectangular space nicely.

I love a good contrast, so I paired the black table with these cream sherpa chairs. These chairs are so good. Technically, they're accent chairs, not dining chairs. But I love the oversized look and cozy fabric. It has a rounded back, which mimics the curve on the table, and a thick seat cushion, which makes it extra comfortable. I've spent hours sitting on these chairs with no issues. And they're such a good dupe to pricier alternatives (like this one and this one). They're probably not the best option if you have messy eaters in your family. Maybe I should Scotchguard them before we host Thanksgiving just in case...

Dining Room Accessories

My new philosophy is that every room should have a tree. This faux olive tree used to live in our living room. (See my complete faux tree recommendations HERE.). But since I bought a different plant for the living room, the olive tree now lives in the dining room. The planter (similar here) is actually an old, hollow side table that I flipped upside down.

I've been eyeing the cream vase for a while, so I'm glad I finally bought it. I have the 10" version. The wood vase on the table is an oldie but goodie from Target.

What's Next

I need to figure out what to do with this empty 12' wall. Maybe I should do a gallery wall? Shelf storage (primarily for books)? Wall molding? Wallpaper? I'm not sure! Wall-to-wall curtains on the window wall would be nice to add, too.

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